Pests & Diseases

To get rid of unwanted nettles, cut them down the moment they appear. Under constant persecution, they will eventually give up.

Thistles cut in May return the next day

Thistles cut in June come back soon

Thistles cut in July are sure to die.

To stop mice and birds eating your pea seeds, soak the packet in paraffin and leave for 24 hours before planting. Don`t worry, the resulting peas on the plant will be quite safe to eat and won`t taste of paraffin!

A bruised garlic clove left at the entrance to a wasp`s nest will clear it in hours.

Soak tomato leaves in a bucket of water for a week and use the water as a spray to control caterpillar damage to cabbages.

Planting marigolds around the base of a rose will deter aphids.

At the first sign of mildew, give the plant a feed of seaweed extract and keep it well watered. No guarantee but it often helps.