Compost & Fertilizer

Scatter Growmore between layers of leaves in a bin or container. It makes them rot quicker and the end result is more nutritious leaf mould.

Place a banana skin in the bottom of the planting hole for clematis.

Use banana skins around roses

Sprinkle used tea leaves, tea bags or coffee grounds on the surface of potted camellias.

Azaleas respond to a drink of two tablespoons of white vinegar added to a litre of water.

Crush eggshells into a bucket of water. Leave for two weeks and strain. Use the water as a calcium rich tonic for geraniums

Perk up your plants by feeding them with half a can of Coca-Cola

To make nettle tea, fill a bucket with crushed nettles and weigh down with a brick. Fill with water and leave for two weeks. Strain and dilute the liquid 10 to 1 for a nitrogen rich fertilizer on all garden plants in Spring and early summer.