LHS Trophy Winners Summer 2016


DVN Topliss Cup - Chris Wilkins                                                  

Most points for Floral Arrangements in Section ‘A’ 


Floral Cup – Chris Wilkins   

The Best Floral Arrangement in Section ‘A’ 


Jean Gilliam Cup – Deirdre Smyth

Winner of the Novice Floral Arrangement


H Newman-Collard Cup – Steve Amos

Most points for Vegetables in  Section ‘B’ classes 14 to 41

(Steve Amos 41pts; Ken Payne 40pts)


Martin Summers Cup – Ken Payne for class 34 - Potatoes

Best Vegetable Exhibit Section ‘B’- classes 14 to 41


JR Thayer Shield – Ken Payne

Winner of Class 12 Section ‘B’ Vegetable Collection


MM Lowe Cup – Ken Payne

Most points for Potatoes in Section‘B’ Classes 32-34

(Ken Payne 11pts; Steve Amos 10pts)



Tom Coombs Cup – Steve Amos

Winner of Class 35 Section ‘B’- Exhibition Shallots



Sir Charles Woolley Cup – Jenny Hall

Most points for Flowers in Section ‘C’                        


Mrs Bertram Abel-Smith – Janet Crates for class 59 – Vase of Flowers

Best Flower Exhibit in Section ‘C’


 Liss Forest Nursery Cup– Sharon Stratton 

Best Pot Plant Exhibit in Section ‘D’ (excl class 68 the special Fuchsia)



Gladys Fletcher Cup – Lynn Sansbury

Most points in Needlecraft - Section ‘F’


FC Twitchen Cup - Sandra Gambrill

Most points in Cookery - Section ‘H’


Peter James Cup - Milly Groves

Most pts in the classes for Children up to age 7


N Hyson Cup – Emilie James

Most pts in the classes for Children aged 8 -10


Miss I K Nagel Cup – Tegan Lewis

Most pts in the classes for Children aged 11-15


NVS Medal – Ken Payne

For the most meritorious vegetables excluding collections  


Garden Voucher: Janet Clark

For the Best Fuchsia (class 68) grown from the plug provided by LHS


Garden Voucher: Pam Bush

For ‘Best Exhibit in Cookery’                                         


RHS Banksian Medal – Steve Amos

Awarded to the Winner with the highest amount of total prize money in Sections ‘B’ & ‘C’ (Excluding

the 2014 & 2015 winners- Mr A Squire and Ken Payne)